By producing the first 100% Hungarian made active wheelchair a sort of individual medical aid could have been developed which can be bought at a reachable price besides this it is composed from quality parcels and completely customizable. A serious work stands behind s as the design, the technological preparation and users’ demands are often not compatible with each other but we succeed to find the common transverse section where all three dimensions are shown up.


While technological designing of the frame of Spinner Rebel we promoted the users’ demands and design, the main foci were the variability and weight. The Rebel moves about not more than 7-8 Kgs, what is the more, it folds up so it means a huge support for those who have chosen the active way of life. The design stands up for itself. The usage of flat parcels makes possible the performance of our wheelchair unique. The parcel used at the lower bind is almost unperceivable but the same time the rigidity is given which can be provided exclusively by a double framed wheelchair.


The 24”*1” sized super light aluminum wheel is the basic accessory of the Spinner Rebel which can be taken down by pushing a bottom so it can be stored on a small place. The handrim is adjusted on individual demands, we provide a PVC cover on demand. Some of the tires are puncture-proof and can be reached of red, blue and black colors.


The casters can be chosen of sizes 3”, 4” and 5” with several widths. The casters’ spokes can be ordered made of metallic or plastic frames, of black or grey colors but our exclusive design packet contains lighting casters.


During our researches, we surveyed the demands of disabled persons from birth and users of prostheses, besides the newly injured persons. This way we succeeded to develop a backrest which is made of 3D air-transmitting and hickory material which follows the form of spine, ergonomic and provides a safe keeping.


The high variability of parcels makes the Spinner Rebel fold up active wheelchair more unique for its user, which parcels can be selected on own demands before producing. The footrest can be selected of two sizes and made of light and hickory material and the adequate brake can be selected from many kinds (pushing, pulling, and getting through).


On our customers’ demands we form individual design packets depending on building construction due to agreement